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    10 Typical Dutch habits

    01 march 2018

    We bike
    No kidding! We Dutchies do everything by bike. Grocery shopping, biking through narrow streets and when it’s pouring rain we bike. Even our prime minister goes to work by bike!


    We make appointments

    It is not done to visit someone without giving them a heads up. What if the house is a mess or we just wanted to start cooking? Dutchies can’t handle it!


    We congratulate everyone

    Have you ever noticed that Dutch people congratulate everyone on a birthday party, and not just the birthday girl or boy? Good to know for next time!


    Speaking of congratulating… We give 3 kisses

    The more the better? We give three kisses instead when meeting a friend! Save yourself the awkward moment…


    ‘Worst-kaas scenario’

    And right after the kissing round, we choose a bite! Our choices? Sausage and cheese!


    We celebrate the birthday of our King like it’s the last day on earth

    Our country transforms into an orange bubble during King’s Day. We party all day and wear anything that’s orange!


    We love our coffee at specific times

    Almost automatically we drink our coffee. In the morning, when we arrive at our destination and of course at 3 PM, for our much-needed afternoon boost.


    We talk about the weather

    Wherever we are, whatever we do, when we come in, we talk about the weather first. It’s sort of a traditional ice breaker within the Dutch culture!


    Snacks from the wall

    When you visit the Netherlands, you will notice the walls with snacks. They are everywhere! Easy to grab your afternoon snack from!


    We love our traditional snacks!

    ‘Pindakaas’, ‘Stroopwafel’ and ‘Hagelslag’. Discover them all via our blog and try them yourself!               

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