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    Let’s get married at an industrial, urban and vintage location. We are an official wedding location since 2014 and look forward to make your day personal, loving and unique. Cheers to the past and celebrate the future!


    A unique location

    This amazing monumental building is part of Amsterdam its finest heritage. This castle-like building at the Bellamyplein in bustling Amsterdam West is built in 1903 and used as office and tram depot in the past. The former tram depot is restored with conservation of the original characteristic elements into an inspiring location. Think: edgy industrial design and an abundance of green. Hotel De Hallen inspires. Outstanding hospitality and personal service in combination with luxurious rooms make you feel relaxed.


    The perfect night

    Make your day complete with a stay in one of our romantic suites. Enjoy bubbles in your own hot tub and a romantic breakfast on bed. It is even possible to host a stay for all of your guests in our 57 hotel rooms.


    Personal touch

    Do you have a favourite colour or theme? We would love to paint our entrance in the colour of your wishes!

    Toast with dear friends in our eccentric red bar, taste the wedding cake in our green bar. Enjoy each other’s company at the sunny terrace or admire the big industrial hall during the wonderful ceremony.

    Enjoy our walking dinner or fixed table setting. Our chefs look forward to discuss your wishes. Together we make your day unforgettable!



    A big party to celebrate and closure your unforgettable day? We collaborate with several locations nearby Hotel De Hallen, which offers spaces for different group sizes. Here you can party until the morning comes.


    Location visit and personal talk

    Excited? We would love to show you the location and discuss all possibilities! We look forward to make your wedding day up until 100 guests amazing. Feel free to call +(0)20 5150 452 or send an email to